Occhiali da vista per bambini

About us

Comoframe: we shape our eyeglasses since 1980, expert in kids and Sport eyewear

Comoframe eyeglasses come as a result of a groundbreaking development and research work, carried on by a team of specialized pediatric oculists, orthoptists and optometrists.

Nowadays is really easy to detect and correct sight defects in the pediatric world, that is why now more than ever, using custom made products is crucial. Products that are suitable from the early stages of life, all the way to adolescence and safe for an active life and sports activities.

Products that fulfill all of the corrective needs of the child since the very first months of his life, respecting their vitality and playfulness.

Comoframe eyeglasses are extremely light, safe and sturdy.

The vast range of frames offered, sticks out with its merging of high-tech contents applied to the product and the material, the ample choice of colors and calibration. All of this represents the most unique and complete offer available on the market. Great attention is given to details: ergonomic temples, central anatomical bridges to help keep the frontal true.

The wide shapes and the appropriate placement on the nasal septum make it possible to obtain the widest visual field possible. The frames are always perfectly centered and also very efficient in their corrective purpose.

Our 40 year experience in the field, together with our achievements and our company’s growth, broaden our experience and finally produce functional and up to date products also dedicated to adults  and sports activities.

Perché scegliere Comoframe

in very young children:

  • protects the face when the first steps begin
  • it adapts perfectly to the facial structure
  • it is indestructible
  • it is non-deformable, resistant to any abuse

  • leaves no fingerprints


in older children:

  • significantly reduces the risks of facial and ocular trauma

  • allows any sporting activity
  • allows any game

Per il medico e l’Optometrista:

  • Permette una correzione precoce dei vizi di rifrazione e rende possibile un trattamento dello strabismo nei primi mesi di vita.
  • Risolve il problema dell’afachia chirurgica con lenti di spessore e peso ridotto e permette di iniziare un precoce trattamento delle ambliopie anisometropiche.

Per l’Ottico:

  • L’unico ed originale occhiale in commercio per bimbi molto piccoli e per lo sport con un prezzo contenuto che permette di sostituire l’occhiale tradizionale nei giochi e nello sport.

Utilizzare lenti POSITIVE, suggeriamo di utilizzare lenti di piccolo diametro (Ø 50-55 mm) e base piatta.

E’ importante montare lenti con bisellattura “a coltello” per ottenere un
adattamento perfetto con la montatura. Bisellatura a coltello

Correttamente aggiustato, l’elastico consente di calzare l’occhiale in maniera perfetta per ogni trattamento correttivo. Ricordatevi però che se l’elastico sarà troppo stretto il bambino si rifiuterà di portare gli occhiali, mentre se risulterà essere troppo largo le lenti non saranno nella posizione ideale.


Soft and flexible material

Significantly reduces the risk of facial and ocular trauma.

Elastic to hold the frame

The holes at the end of the temples and the elastic allow you to keep the frame firmly and keep the lenses always well centered. They prevent you from looking outside the lenses, guarantee a perfect occlusive treatment and prevent the little ones from tearing the frame.

Small gauge

It allows you to use thick and light weight lenses that do not limit the child’s mobility.