Occhiali da vista per bambini


Crafted with care and expertise 

The expertise is reflected on the products, and it is thanks to it that the child can look at the beauty of the world in total safety through our glasses, which are developed following well-defined guidelines: technological innovation, continuous research, desire to improve and Italian style. Made in Italy is a guarantee of quality because this is where the knowledge combined with tradition and experience allow us to produce excellent products.
A product made in Italy is, naturally, also a guarantee of style, with the high specialization which blends perfectly with the search for elegance: the design is refined and the eyewear is always easy to wear. Made in Italy, for us, means looking at the future of all children; therefore, buying a Comoframe product means embracing the Italian craft tradition.


High quality combined materials

FHT is the acronym of “Front Acetate + Hinge + Temple”, an exclusive construction system of the frame that focuses on high-quality frontal and temple materials that are joined together by a revolutionary polymer hinge.
The front is in Mazzucchelli’s acetate obtained by milling, while the temples are obtained with a bi-injection process with hypoallergenic plastic materials. The interlocking hinge is made of polymer and is easy to replace, allowing the interchangeability of the components in case of need.
FHT therefore ensures the total absence of exposed metal parts for SMART frames.
The modifiable ergonomics of the temples combined with the flexibility of the hinge ensures the best grip of the frame in the back area of the ear, enhancing both the enveloping effect and, at the same time, comfort even in case of prolonged use: FHT is the best answer to what is one of the main critical points of the glasses.
With FHT we have created a product that preserves the beauty of Italian design and the technicality of the materials that best suit the needs of the child.


Look at your future!

Protecting children has always been our priority and like every parent we want to guarantee well-being and freedom. The evolution of eye and control techniques in children (even in the first months of life), allows to intervene in a simple and effective way to correct any visual problems: the choice of eyeglasses for the little ones is part of these priorities.
Children have very different needs from those of adults, eyeglasses for them must be designed and constructed in compliance with particular needs in terms of fit, ergonomics and safety, offering even higher quality standards than the product for adults.
It is absolutely important not to neglect their serenity and their well-being in every aspect of their growth, favoring them in every way while respecting the carefree nature that distinguishes them.
Since 1980 we have been building frames for children, with a correct and comfortable fit, allowing them to consider eyewear as part of the growth process.